maandag 25 februari 2008

My start in the OER course

I'm Jeroen Clemens, a language teacher in a secondary school in Almere. The Netherlands.
Before this I was a school consultant for 10 years and a teacher trainer for 12 years. I wanted to go back to the real work, working with students. So I became a teacher again.
But I'm very interested in ICT and learning. So one day a week I do research on Computer Supported Collaborative Learning.
An example of my work with students you can find on: (in English) Collaborative project Netherlands-Macedonia , in Dutch : Collaborative project 2 Dutch schools on Enlightment. Look at my CV / resume for more information.
I'm looking forward to participate in the online course Composing free and open online educational resources with all of you. I'm sure this will be very enlightening for all of us.

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