zondag 23 maart 2008

Age of Enlightenment: a student project

From September through december 2007 I worked with students from 2 secondary schools in the Netherlands (Almere) on a project The Enlightment. Two classes did research on Enlightenment from the perspective of Philosophy and English and Dutch literature. The project was part of a research project on CSCL ( Computer Supported Collaborative Learning) I did as a teacher-researcher. The students had to build a WIKI on Enlightment from the 3 different perspectives I mentioned above. The research looked at 1. collaboration, 2. integration of subject perspectives and 3. motivation. Look at the students WIKI to get an impression what students (16-18 years old) can do. I'm still working on the research and would like to discuss this with some of you. Cormac Lawler and Erkan Yilmaz thought this was a good idea and they made a page on Wikiversity to share our ideas and experience. So: Lets start!
I updated the page today (march, 25, 2008)

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