dinsdag 11 maart 2008

Wikiversity, Wikieducators etc

I started to use Wikiversity. Try to get a grip on using the wikiversity. I joined the Wiki on Education project. See my first contribution here. Have had very interesting conversations in the Education Project. Asked some questions and got a lot of feedback. Started a discussion on the Wikiversity:Colloqium also.
Got a lot of help from Erkan Yilmaz . Thank you, Erkan.
Peter Rawsthorne suggested in the Wiki on education to have a look at Wikieducator, which is a wikimedia wiki. I just joined this wiki. It looks like a very interesting place to be, when you started to build and research wiki's in education as I did. But it gives you new questions, e.g. : What are the differences between Wikiversity and Wikieducator?
I must say that the sea of information and collaborative groups and initiatives makes me nervous sometimes. How to choose and not only hop from the one interesting idea to the other and forget to act and improve your own teaching? I can see on
I'm very happy seeing so many people working together.

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